24 Oct 2018

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

Author: Cool Snoops | Filed under: Special

Art Book


Status: released 2/2006, but not translated

Comments: This artbook is exclusively about Nuku Nuku and was printed in 1998. This was our first project. I used our digital camera to “scan” it, so the pages are skewed. I plan on eventually scanning this again with a scanner…

Artbook (84MB)


Title: Shin Bannou Bunka Neko Musume

Status: Chapter 1-2 was translated and released by another group. I have the English translation of the leftover chapters from Camui. I’m now currently editing chapter 5…

Chapter 3 released 10/2/2010, translated into English

Chapter 4 released 7/4/2011, translated into English

Comments: There are 2 manga that were officially released in Japan. One was 3 chapters and licensed by ADV (no, it’s not available here for download). The other has 8 chapters, which is the one I’m working on releasing. The first 2 chapters were released by another group which did an awesome job with the colored inserts (much better than I would have even bothered to attempt), but then they dropped it without any explanation. I procured the book in hopes that I would eventually find a translator someday, and then I came into contact with Camui. Thanks to her efforts, I now have the complete English translation in my possession. Now I just need time to work on it. I’m currently editing chapter 5…

Chapter 1 (13MB)
Chapter 2 (4MB)
Chapter 3 (5MB)
Chapter 4 (6MB)


Title: Bannou Bunka Neko Musume Psyco

Status: released 8/2006, but not translated

Comments: A doujinshi based on Nuku Nuku printed in 1994. I don’t know if there are more volumes. This was the last project that I “scanned” with my digital camera. I’m having trouble rescanning it because the pages are so thin that the artwork on the other side shows up in the scan. Do you know how difficult it is to make black pieces of construction paper stay in place as I try to close the top and scan it? That’s the holdup. I would like to pay someone to translate the entire doujinshi.

Doujinshi (37MB)


Title: unknown

Status: first released 8/2006, re-released 4/23/2011, but still not translated

Comments: I don’t know what the title is because there is no English. It was printed in 1993. Thank goodness we at least share the same characters for numbers! This was another project that I originally “scanned” with my digital camera and only released the 3 pages that Nuku Nuku appeared on. I have since rescanned the entire doujinshi properly, hoping that someone will translate at the very least pages 1, 30, and 69-70. I’ll pay you handsomely for your work 😉

Doujinshiv2 (81MB)


Title: Sound Phase DJ CD (11 MP3 tracks plus CD inserts)

Status: released 11/2006, but CD inserts not translated

Comments: This is a CD release. This was our first project that wasn’t related to printed media. Our group releases whatever I can get my paws on =D
All the Sound Phase CDs for Nuku Nuku have been ripped except for this one. That’s why I chose to release it. I’m looking for a translator to translate the inserts.

CD (103MB)

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