24 Oct 2018

Dragon Half

Author: Cool Snoops | Filed under: Special

Title: Dragon Half

Status: DROPPED, Chapter 61 released 4/2009, translated into English; the rest were released by others and then finally licensed

Comments: This project was kind of a disappointment. I spent over US$100 to procure these books. I had someone else’s English translation that I was going to use, but I couldn’t immediately start on the project because I was in the middle of moving and building our house. When I finally did start working on it, I discovered that someone else had beat me to it while I was busy. Being one to never duplicate the work of others, I decided to drop the project. I was then planning on just scanning the special colored pages that the releases by the other guys left out, but then it was licensed. So I will only offer the chapter I released below for download:

Chapter 61 (8MB)

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