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8 Jan 2014

Kyousougiga Help

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coolsnoops-talk First of all, happy new year! Now, on to the subject at hand: trying to make any sense out of Kyousougiga! Here is a great short guide that helped make everything clear to me, even though I watched it twice. I hate stuff that’s confusing and doesn’t take time to make everything clear…at least eventually. But I think in trying to read the subs I missed some significant details. So it’s good that the guide even has pictures…the best kind, right? Right?

And for those curious about the song sung in English in the fifth episode…
Song: The Secret of My Life
Singer: Aimee Blackschleger
OST Track #: 19

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25 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas!

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leaf-talk1 midnight-talk coolsnoops-talk


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19 Dec 2013

TPB – Update

Author: Cool Snoops | Filed under: File Sharing

coolsnoops-talk Wow, this is becoming a nightmare to track! The Pirate Bay moved their domain several times since my last posting. Essentially, the best way to find out where they’ve setup shop is to search google for The Pirate Bay. Usually the first few results will link to an article about their current domain. They’re back at

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12 Dec 2013

The Pirate Bay

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coolsnoops-talk TPB has once again been forced to change their URL. It is now:

I wonder how many domains are available until they run out of endings to switch to?

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13 Nov 2013

A Prime Ending

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coolsnoops-talk Well, Transformers Prime is now finished with the release of Predacons Rising. It’s kind of sad that this great adaption is over. I’ll miss the great music, voices, and especially Starscream’s humor. It’s nice that they actually told a complete story with an ending for a change…a somewhat bittersweet happy ending. Optimus Prime will be missed! Supposedly a new incarnation is going to be released in December 2014. Not sure how they can continue the story or rewrite it once again. We’ll see if it materializes, what with shrinking budgets and a lousy economy…

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10 Sep 2013

Arrr, I’m A Pirate!

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coolsnoops-talk I’m on a Fred Perry kick here! Another cool animation he did to a catchy song. He used some characters from his comic book series Gold Digger. Too bad it’s censored. Uncensored version only exists on Fred’s computer…