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5 Mar 2018


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 Sigh, I finally fixed everything that was wrong with my site after it got hacked. I hate hackers. To quote a famous feline, “They should be drug out into the street and shot!” I also was able to repair the theme so that it works correctly again with the latest version of wordpress. Still working on pairing down the scope and information offered so that it makes sense once again. I sort of went in too many directions at once…and it wasn’t a pretty site. Eh, get it? Site? Web site ;)

  G R O A N

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22 Jan 2018


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 Sigh, I spent the last week trying to fix my web site, only to learn that the theme I’m using is NOT compatible with WordPress 4.9.2. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to fix the theme, and the author hasn’t replied to my request yet. I think he’s abandoned it. So luckily it was fairly simple to downgrade to 4.9.1, however I’m uncertain how long I will be able to operate this way without upgrading to the latest version of WordPress. Then I learn that my CGI counter is broken, which I can’t appear to fix. GoDaddy has just been a nightmare to deal with lately, not to mention their prices have skyrocketed just in the last month! I’ve been doing a lot of cost cutting these last few months, so I’m looking at ways to save money, especially with hosting. So the other day I was looking at the files that I’m hosting and can’t figure out what in the world I was thinking…

  Neither can we!!!

 Ahem, so as I was saying, I was trying to host files that couldn’t be easily downloaded, but I’m lost as to how I made the choices I did. Hey, it was a long time ago. Anyway, so probably all of the files will be removed except the pertinent stuff like my favorite music and scanlation projects. If I can get the files I host to just a fraction of what they currently are, then maybe I can ditch GoDaddy’s hosting plan for something else cheaper than $22 a month! I will be working on that for the next couple of weeks, so yall have been warned! Grab the files now! But no worries if you miss out. Almost everything can be easily found through the links I have provided and lots and lots of patience…with a little luck.  =)

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26 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the gang at Enchanting Media!

29 Oct 2017


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 After 5 very long, grueling months, I have finally finished Asterisk! I QC the subtitles for episodes 17-24 for Harunatsu Fansubs. I learned a little bit about the process that I will probably quickly forget, unfortunately (what you don’t use, you lose). I promptly thereafter retired from fansubbing! I’m now running around my backyard screaming at the top of my lungs: “I’M FREE!”

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29 Jul 2017


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 I had to cull quite a few links, most of them related to file sharing sites with direct links, but a few were dead scanlation groups that had finally lost their domain. It’s sad to see so many sites disappear, with hardly any taking their place. However, no worries in regards to Enchanting Media! We’ve…I’ve been around for over 17 years, and I see no reason to let the site die despite losing interest for the most part in file sharing now that I make enough money to buy what I want ;)


 Well, that will certainly date you >=]

 Anyway, file sharing still has its uses, especially for old stuff that will never be released on DVD…and apparently quite a bit of new stuff that’s just not popular enough to warrant a release.

Anyway, I’m trying to wrap up a project for Harunatsu Fansubs before I start working on my own projects again. That’s right folks! I’ve finally got life under control that I can actually begin working on luxury projects now =D

10 May 2017

New Position

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 Welp, I’ve gone and done it now! I was looking for the 2nd season of Asterisk, and somehow got pulled into being a temporary QC for Harunatsu Fansubs for Asterisk. I had no intentions of doing something like that, but it just happened. Apparently there is a lack of volunteers that have an excellent grasp of the English language willing to subject themselves to the utter horrors of reading subtitles and correcting them on the fly. I guess all those nightmarish years of studying advanced grammar in high school are actually going to pay off. So yes, this confirms all your sneaking suspicions that all of my projects are sitting on my desktop, staring me in the face, being ignored. I wonder what other surprises 2017 has in store for little ol me…

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29 Mar 2016


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coolsnoops-talk wOOt! After waiting for than 2 years (I was part of the ultra secret sneak preview offered to members of the Totally Spies web site), I can now enjoy this cartoon!!! My only disappointment is the music they chose for the cartoon. After using Fireworks by Katty Perry for the sneak preview, I had high hopes for the music. But sadly no, it’s some kind of techno computer music (shivers). Waaaah, give me my Katty Perry music…

midnight-talk Master no worry! Midnight will be more than happy to console Master!!!

leaf-talk1 Ugh, gag me! If it doesn’t have dandelions, I don’t care…

coolsnoops-talk Anyway, my hands are tied until after I pay my taxes April 15th, so don’t expect any updates until then (you weren’t expecting any anyway, were you?). Join Kametsu for loliRock goodness…

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29 Dec 2015

Seasons Greetings & Salutations

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coolsnoops-talk midnight-talk leaf-talk1 We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Better late than never, we always say…

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26 Nov 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

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coolsnoops-talk Happy Thanksgiving to all our loyal fans…all 2 of you! Probably most think we’re dead, but I guarantee you that we are very much alive, struggling to survive in this cold, dark, cruel world (and no, I’m not referring to Mythleg)…

leaf-talk1 Overdramatic, much?

coolsnoops-talk Ahem, anyway, so our projects will continue at the snail pace they’re going. We even have a translator. So don’t give up and please be patient…

midnight-talk Yes, very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very ve

coolsnoops-talk Midnight!!!

midnight-talk ry patient! OK, Midnight has to go now. Bye-bye!

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1 Sep 2015

Adobe Flash Fix

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coolsnoops-talk Is Adobe Flash constantly asking you permission to run because Chrome no longer supports the latest version because you have an older Mac? Well, I finally got tired of always having to press the button at the top of the screen (I use a tablet, so I have to stretch my arm…yes, I know, I’m lazy), so I decided to do something about it. After some searching, I discovered you can force Chrome to run Flash all the time. Type:


into your browser, and press enter. Look for Adobe Flash Player and check the box next to Always allow. And wala, you never have to press that pesky button again!

midnight-talk Yeay, now Master can spend more time with Midnight!

leaf-talk1 And get me those Dandelions you promised me over 2 centuries ago while you’re at it…

coolsnoops-talk On second thought, maybe I was a tad hasty…

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