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23 Jun 2019

Kametsu…Dead T_T

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Noooo, Kametsu, my last go to site for non-anime downloads, has shut down their download forums due to legal pressure! So of course the site is practically dead now, because that’s what really brought the “community” together. Everything else was just extra icing on the cake. So I will be removing their link. Sigh, my links section just keeps dwindling. *CRIES*

There, there, Master can cry on Midnight’s lap…

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25 Oct 2018

Finished…For Now

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 Well, that pretty well gets the old web site back up and running. This is pretty much what I want to focus on, staying away from licensed merchandise for the most part. I will make exceptions, but that will be at my discretion. Enchanting Media will no longer act as a file depository. You should be able to afford to buy your stuff when it’s available these days. 20 years ago was a very different scene…

   Oh brother, here we go… *rolls eyes*

 Hey, just let me be! Anyway, if you use the links I have provided and do a little research, you should be able to find what you’re looking for. Requests for specific files may or may not be honored. I hope you like the new and improved Enchanting Media!

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4 May 2018


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 Please be patient as I redecorate a tad.

 Oh, the dandelions can go here and there…

 Midnight wants to help too!

 Please, just shoot me now…