29 Dec 2015

Seasons Greetings & Salutations

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coolsnoops-talk midnight-talk leaf-talk1 We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Better late than never, we always say…

26 Nov 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

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coolsnoops-talk Happy Thanksgiving to all our loyal fans…all 2 of you! Probably most think we’re dead, but I guarantee you that we are very much alive, struggling to survive in this cold, dark, cruel world (and no, I’m not referring to Mythleg)…

leaf-talk1 Overdramatic, much?

coolsnoops-talk Ahem, anyway, so our projects will continue at the snail pace they’re going. We even have a translator. So don’t give up and please be patient…

midnight-talk Yes, very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very ve

coolsnoops-talk Midnight!!!

midnight-talk ry patient! OK, Midnight has to go now. Bye-bye!

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1 Sep 2015

Adobe Flash Fix

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coolsnoops-talk Is Adobe Flash constantly asking you permission to run because Chrome no longer supports the latest version because you have an older Mac? Well, I finally got tired of always having to press the button at the top of the screen (I use a tablet, so I have to stretch my arm…yes, I know, I’m lazy), so I decided to do something about it. After some searching, I discovered you can force Chrome to run Flash all the time. Type:


into your browser, and press enter. Look for Adobe Flash Player and check the box next to Always allow. And wala, you never have to press that pesky button again!

midnight-talk Yeay, now Master can spend more time with Midnight!

leaf-talk1 And get me those Dandelions you promised me over 2 centuries ago while you’re at it…

coolsnoops-talk On second thought, maybe I was a tad hasty…

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13 Aug 2015

Final 8…

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coolsnoops-talk has retired!!! Noooo, they did such wonderful BD releases of anime that no other group did. Bah, anyway, they finished all their projects (an inspiration to myself)! So if you want to grab them, you can still download the files from their web site. However, some of the links to the download web sites they’re using are expiring, so I wouldn’t wait too much longer. Final 8, you shall be missed!

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25 Jul 2015

Google Deleted My Account!!!

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coolsnoops-talk I get this email that states my account has been deleted due to unresolved TOS violations. I go login to check to see if it’s legit, and sure enough, Google deleted my account! Supposedly it just happened, so I should be able to recover it. Nope, it’s unrecoverable! First off, there weren’t any TOS violations. In fact, I don’t even know what services I was using. I created an account back in 2011, but I haven’t logged in using it for years (I forgot I even had the account). So they just delete my account because they wanted to. But I can’t contact anyone to complain because everything is automated! But I did remember that I created a YouTube account. I went to login using that username, and it had been deleted, too! Argh, this is why one company shouldn’t be allowed to merge and buy other companies! Luckily, I don’t think I had anything important on that account, either. NOW I hate Google! What if they up and decide to delete my main account without reason? I’d lose everything in YouTube, along with various other stuff I use them for T_T

Excuse me while I go backup what I want to keep in YouTube before armageddon hits…

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18 Jul 2015

Translator Found!

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coolsnoops-talk We are alive AND kicking once again! We’ve always been alive, just not much kicking =P
I found a translator that actually wants my money! Fancy that…

leaf-talk1 Heh, I guess the economy really has finally hit rock bottom…

coolsnoops-talk Ahem, anyways, his identity is a secret least you try and steal him away from us…

midnight-talk But Master, you put his name in the credits text that you inclu…

coolsnoops-talk Ahhh, look Midnight! I think I saw the Easter Bunny go that way…

midnight-talk Oh, oh, Midnight will definitely catch that rascal this time if it’s the last thing Midnight does! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK!

coolsnoops-talk Sorry about that. You’ll have to excuse her language. Midnight tends to get overly excited when chasing things. Anyway, I was able to get a couple of pages in a doujinshi that had Nuku Nuku in them translated as a test to see how things worked out. I’m very happy, to say the least! I’ll be posting it here shortly in the next few days. Expect activity once again from our group…although I’m sorry to say the Nuku Nuku manga is still on hold as I find time to work on it. The difference is that the translator is translating and editing, while Nuku Nuku is already translated but not edited. So I’m still stuck editing it. I’m not ready to pay someone just yet to edit for me =S