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13 Nov 2013

A Prime Ending

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coolsnoops-talk Well, Transformers Prime is now finished with the release of Predacons Rising. It’s kind of sad that this great adaption is over. I’ll miss the great music, voices, and especially Starscream’s humor. It’s nice that they actually told a complete story with an ending for a change…a somewhat bittersweet happy ending. Optimus Prime will be missed! Supposedly a new incarnation is going to be released in December 2014. Not sure how they can continue the story or rewrite it once again. We’ll see if it materializes, what with shrinking budgets and a lousy economy…

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10 Sep 2013

Arrr, I’m A Pirate!

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coolsnoops-talk I’m on a Fred Perry kick here! Another cool animation he did to a catchy song. He used some characters from his comic book series Gold Digger. Too bad it’s censored. Uncensored version only exists on Fred’s computer…

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6 Sep 2013

This Is Awesome!

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coolsnoops-talk This is an awesome animation that Fred Perry did. I love how he animated the mouths. I came across it while checking out his latest Kickstarter campaign:

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6 Sep 2013


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coolsnoops-talk After whining about there not being a convention for the Big Island in my last post, low and behold, I’m introduced to HawaiiCon! Here’s the Kickstarter URL to help support it. Supposed to be held in September 2014 in Waimea:

HawaiiCon Kickstarter Campaign

midnight-talk Waah, Midnight will miss Master while he is away! Humph, Midnight will just have her own convention with Leaf…

leaf-talk1 Are you kidding me?! I’m going! Just think of all those delicious Dandelions they’ll have for sale in the dealer’s room!!! And CS still owes me lunch…and dinner. Shoot, let’s throw in breakfast and snacks too, while we’re at it!

coolsnoops-talk Help!

1 Aug 2013

Oni-Con Hawaii

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coolsnoops-talk Apparently Kawaii-Kon isn’t the only convention in the state anymore. I guess the record number of attendees caught the attention of Oni-Con based in Texas, and they’re planning a convention this year November 1-3. They’re calling it Oni-Con Hawaii. It looks like they were attending Kawaii-Kon and organizing some events like cosplay chess. I don’t think Oni-Con Hawaii is my cup of tea, though, because most of their guests look to be musicians so far. I attend for the guests, not much else =]

I guess we’ll see if Hawaii can support 2 anime conventions. Personally, I don’t think we can. It’ll be interesting to see if Kawaii-Kon’s numbers continue to increase next year or drop. That will be a good indicator of Oni-Con’s impact. Sigh, doesn’t anyone want to hold a convention on the Big Island???

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31 Jul 2013

AnimeSuki Torrentless?!

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coolsnoops-talk That’s right folks. A perfectly good torrent site for unlicensed anime has been ruined! They have removed most of the links to torrents, or are still in the process of doing so. All that leaves is a forum. Big whoop. These guys are nuts! Ruining these great sites that have been around and established for a couple of years now. Suffice it to say, I’m removing their link…

midnight-talk Oh, oh, pretty soon Master will have lots of time to spend with poor, neglected Midnight, because there won’t be any torrent sites left to browse!

leaf-talk1 Hey, then maybe he can tend to my crop of dandelions while I’m at tea next month…

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28 Jul 2013

Is Manga Jouhou/Manganews Dead?

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coolsnoops-talk Manga Jouhou, or has been hacked, which I consider being down. It used to be a popular site before Baka-Updates came along. More recently, however, activity has been nominal, which is unfortunate because they catered to a different part of the scanlation community than Baka-Updates does. Plus, after 2 excruciating long years of waiting, my posting account was finally approved (sigh). Hopefully this is only a temporary setback, and not permanent. So until they fix the hack, I’m temporarily removing their link…

midnight-talk Not that anyone really cares about what Master thinks or does…

coolsnoops-talk La la la, I can’t hear you…sticks and stones blah blah blah…

leaf-talk1 Sigh, please bear with us as we navigate these rough, difficult times…

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30 May 2013

Demonoid Is Back…But So What

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coolsnoops-talk It looks like Demonoid is back…sort of. Apparently some members of the community got a hold of the database and code and put it up on their own host/URL. It’s legit because I was able to login using my old account, although I had to reset my password. It apparently had become corrupt during the transfer, I guess. Anyway, the big difference is that they don’t host their own tracker, so it’s worthless. Pirate Bay is still the best choice for TV and US cartoons…

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21 Apr 2013

Next Nuku Nuku Chapter

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coolsnoops-talk I’m working on finishing up chapter 5 of Nuku Nuku. It’s turning out to be a lot more time consuming than I had originally anticipated. Fixing the levels is the easy part. It’s all the editing I have to do to clean it up. It takes a couple of hours to do just one page. So I’ll get it done eventually, no worries. I’ll go back and clean up chapters 3-4 when I’m ready to release a complete volume…hopefully sometime this year!

midnight-talk And then Master can spend lots and lots and lots of time playing with Midnight!!! SQUEALS WITH DELIGHT

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17 Apr 2013

Ninja High School Volume 12

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page 000

Title: The Collected Ninja High School Volume 12 Enter: The Y-Men

Status: released 4/2013

Comments: I also found this gem at our local library around the same time I found the 2nd volume collecting dust and decided to scan it since Ninja High School isn’t as freely available on the web to read like some other titles. This also took me 6 years from the time I scanned it to clean it up and release it. That’s all the Ninja High School large print books that my library has (12 volumes total for large print collection). The rest are the censored/edited pocket versions. I refuse to mess up my comic book collection to scan the issues that are missing! That’s a project for Ben Dunn or someone with money to burn…

After cleaning this volume up, I’ve decided to go back and clean up the past releases that I’ve done. I got mad when I read a review that said I did low quality work. My retort is that they can go buy the book(s) and pay for the translator if they’re not happy! This isn’t a cheap hobby. Bunch of ingrates…

Ninja High School Volume 12 (37MB)


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