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31 Oct 2014

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coolsnoops-talk Well, Halloween is once again upon us, but work has prevented me from spending any time on this hobby of mine, unfortunately. So no new updates about scanlations or even art. SIGH…

midnight-talk Oh, oh, but on a brighter note, Midnight has stumbled upon this site New Comic that has great free downloads of current comic books like Scooby Doo!!! Oh, how I wish he and I coul…

coolsnoops-talk Ahem Cough Hack Cough, let’s try and keep the site G rated, shall we? Anyway, here’s some recycled art from the distant past for you to enjoy:


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7 Jul 2014

Demonoid is Back, Baby!

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coolsnoops-talk That’s right folks. After being down for more than a year, the administration sent out a notice the other day stating that they had come back from the dead. So head on over and start downloading all those sweet torrents that are impossible to find anywhere else!


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8 May 2014

Dachshund Galore!

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coolsnoops-talk Finally, after all these years of longing for more cartoons with Dachshunds, we get an entire cartoon dedicated to a Dachshund! It’s called Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou. I’ve watched the first two episodes, and it’s pretty good so far. I can’t wait to finish watching the rest of it, but it’s waaay past my bed time…life’s too busy for scanlation with my business and drawing, so you’ll just have to be patient a tad bit longer (not that anyone is reading this post for that reason).

midnight-talk Master, don’t forget that Midnight is a Dachshund, too! Master should spend more time watching Midnight, not some silly moving picture…

coolsnoops-talk A whiney Dachshund…

leaf-talk1 Sigh, here we go again…

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8 Jan 2014

Kyousougiga Help

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coolsnoops-talk First of all, happy new year! Now, on to the subject at hand: trying to make any sense out of Kyousougiga! Here is a great short guide that helped make everything clear to me, even though I watched it twice. I hate stuff that’s confusing and doesn’t take time to make everything clear…at least eventually. But I think in trying to read the subs I missed some significant details. So it’s good that the guide even has pictures…the best kind, right? Right?

And for those curious about the song sung in English in the fifth episode…
Song: The Secret of My Life
Singer: Aimee Blackschleger
OST Track #: 19

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25 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas!

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leaf-talk1 midnight-talk coolsnoops-talk


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19 Dec 2013

TPB – Update

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coolsnoops-talk Wow, this is becoming a nightmare to track! The Pirate Bay moved their domain several times since my last posting. Essentially, the best way to find out where they’ve setup shop is to search google for The Pirate Bay. Usually the first few results will link to an article about their current domain. They’re back at