Hi, I’m Midnight! This is my Master’s niche on the web, Enchanting Media. He’s tried his very hardest to put together a comprehensive resource to assist Mac users in becoming acquainted with file sharing and misc. related subjects. There’s also a huge collection of cartoons, anime, TV shows, movies, comics, manga, and commercials hosted here on the Downloads page for those who are bored. Look around, have fun, and enjoy yourself…and don’t forget to praise Midnight and tell me what a goo


…eh heh heh, yeah, just enjoy yourself! Humph, Master’s no fun…

In addition to having a keen interest in cartoons and comics, I also happen to be a cartoonist myself. You can visit my artwork category┬áto view some of my work. I’ve also been working on creating a world called Mythleg since 2001. I’m more of a gag cartoonist, so it’s been a tough road to haul attempting to write stories. Don’t expect anything soon.

Cool Snoops’ Scanlation Group was established January 18, 2006. We (and I use this term loosely) are a one man team with our headquarters located in sunny Hawaii. Our mission is to translate into English every shred of Nuku Nuku printed material we can get our paws on! The only reason our name isn’t somehow related to Nuku Nuku is so that it doesn’t sound ridiculous when we’ve moved on to releasing other titles (like so many other groups). I do all the work: choosing the projects, finding the material, scanning, editing, web promotion, and releasing the projects for mass leaching. I can’t translate any languages (nor do I have the time nor desire to learn), so I have to rely on the translations of others. So if you’re a Japanese to English translator and would like to help us in your free time (haha), please contact me! We have very little, if any, activity…
Oh, and please don’t confuse me/us with Snoopy Cool (that’s actually happened in IRC channels in the past)…I came up with my nick way before I even knew about the world of scanlation and manga, so I wasn’t trying to copy anyone, honest! ^_^’

How we got started:
I was looking for a few projects to break into this exciting field, but alas, everyone took my ideas. It’s true I could go ahead with my plans (like some groups do), but I don’t like duplicating the efforts of others. I was going to scanlate Dragon Half. As most of you know that are familiar with this manga, only the first 2 volumes were scanlated into English a long time ago. I had planned on finishing the last 5 volumes, but someone else beat me to it while I was busy in 2005 with moving and building our new house. So I decided to try a different project after I got a digital camera. I used our digital camera and took pictures of the Nuku Nuku artbook I bought a while ago. I didn’t want to scan it because I’d damage the spine. That’s why I was sitting on it (figuratively speaking, of course). I was surprised that the quality was pretty good, even tho it was very awkward to do. We now scan all our releases, with plans on eventually scanning the releases that I took pictures of. I hope yall enjoy our releases!

Visit our Releases page for current, dropped, or completed stuff. Future projects are listed below…
* = I already have the scans or books in my possession

  1. Lost Universe volume 3*
  2. Dark Haired Captured volume 1-7*
  3. Detatoko Princess volume 1-6
  4. 4 Nuku Nuku doujinshi*
  5. Dark Wirbel volume 1-3*

So far we’ve found one translator who is interested in translating some stuff in her spare time. Now we need someone who will translate the Nuku Nuku and Lodoss doujinshi that I have. You can translate text in your spare time in exchange for requests for files, anime, manga, comics, cartoons, or even money. You’ll be working on unique projects that no one else on the web has picked up yet. I can either assign you a project, or you can pick one from the list above. I’m willing to trade my collection of what I’ve downloaded over the years, take requests, or pay $$$. Heck, the trades can even be lopsided…in your favor, of course ; )

If you’re interested in translating or have any questions, then please contact me!

I’d also like to commission a translator to work on the novels (mostly text and only a few illustrations) that I have in my possession:

  1. Ruin Explorers (2 books)
  2. Record of Lodoss War (13 books)
  3. Orphan (17 books)

If you or someone you know is interested in a long term project like this, then please contact me and we can discuss payment and logistics.

Content © Cool Snoops...except for those images that Master did not create and borrowed without anyone's permission. Master is such a bad boy...