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All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku has to be one of my favorite anime series. There are two TV series and one OAV. The OAV is the best and my favorite among the 3 series. The OAV should be watched first. The first TV series goes back and builds on the OAV, focusing more on Nuku Nuku going to school. The second TV series uses the characters from the OAV and first TV series and creates a whole new world for them. It’s OK, but I’d rather they had just built on the other 2 series instead of creating a new world…

ADV licensed and released all three series on DVD, a few OSTs, and the first manga. Since ADV has shut down, I don’t know who owns the US license for it. They can still be easily purchased rather inexpensively on Amazon or eBay. Don’t expect any more merchandise from Nuku Nuku to be licensed…

You can download the Nuku Nuku OSTs, drama CDs, artbook, misc. pics, and some manga chapters from Enchanting Media! Dial-up users can visit our yahoo group(s) to download the manga chapters, doujinshi, and artbook from the files section. There are also pics I’ve found on the net posted that you can download from the pictures section. If you have any Nuku Nuku pics (that aren’t captures from the anime) that I don’t have posted, then by all means please contact me! Visit our scanlation group to download raw (untranslated) Nuku Nuku printed material (currently looking for translators)…


  • OAV-6 episodes on 1 DVD
  • first TV series-14 episodes on 4 DVDs
  • second TV series “Dash”-12 episodes on 3 DVDs

Printed media:

  • Manga:
    -Originally known as Bannou Bunka Nekomusume, 3 chapters by Takada Yuzo & a story by Moriyama Yuji were released in 1992 before the author dropped it to focus on the OAV (licensed by ADV which includes postcards). The second chapter can be downloaded from our yahoo group
    -In 1997-1998 Takada Yuzo was asked to draw another manga (10 chapters), Shin Bannou Bunka Nekomusume, to promote the TV series:

  • Artbook:
    -NEWTYPE 100% COLLECTION-33 (or the Nuku Nuku artbook) printed in 1998:

  • Cine-manga:
    -this is a manga that tells the story of the OAVs using still video captures (pretty redundant if you ask me, but hey, I want to be thorough!). There are 3 books, each book covering 2 episodes from the OAV. I’m not sure if there are any available for the other 2 TV series
  • Doujinshi:
    -I currently have 6 doujinshi about Nuku Nuku. These are unofficial works about a popular character. They uusally have very low print runs and are very difficult to procure (even in Japan). I’m currently collecting all doujinshi (except yaoi) related to Nuku Nuku and plan on eventually translating and releasing them. Contact me if you have doujinshi to sell or are interested in helping me in this endevour…
  • Posters:
    -there’s so many items called “posters”, I wasn’t sure what was official and which were fakes. Buy at your own discretion!
  • Telephone Cards:
    -there are several different kinds floating around. Below are some that I found being auctioned off on Yahoo Japan:

  • Collector Cards:
    -Idol Lami 3 card set released by Movic Japan in 1998
    -Amada Japan PP 36 card set and a 10 card subset released in 1998
    -Carddass Masters 135 card set and a 4 gold foil chases/SP card subset released in 1998. A box contains 15 foil packs, each pack containing 10 cards, and there should be 2 SP foil cards in each box as well. I have an extra SP1 card if anyone is interested in buying it:

A foil pack, and next are the boxes the foil packs were in…


  • OSTs:
    -There is 1 OAV, 3 TV (first series), and 1 TV (second series) OSTs that were released. ADV licensed the OAV OST
  • Drama:
    -There are 7 drama CDs titled Sound Phase I – Sound Phase XI, & Sound Phase DJ
  • Singles:
    -A House Cat (Dash opening & closing song)
    -Fine Color Day (OAV opening & closing song)
  • Misc:
    -Hoseki Bako disc 1 & 2
    -My Dearest Friends
    -My Loveable Families


  • Key Chains:
    -Here are 2 key chains from a set of 6 that I bought:

  • Sega Nuku Nuku Real Model #22

The front and the back of the package (yes, I keep it in the original packaging-recommended)…

This was a non-sports card that was included with the model…

These are other models that I have come across while browsing Yahoo Japan:

Below is an awesome pumpkin carving for Halloween I came across while browsing the web. No, no, I didn’t carve it…

Browsing Yahoo Japan opens up a lot of opportunities that aren’t available on US sites. There’s a ton of cool stuff that’s just waiting for us to discover, and just as many companies more than willing to be the middle man to accept our money, too ^_^’
Here is one such company that I use. It’s not cheap (but the cheapest service thus far), but collecting never is. Click the image below to check out Rinkya…

Most of the merchandise mentioned above can be purchased through Amazon or eBay. But you must remember to be discerning when you buy Nuku Nuku memorabilia off eBay, because it could be someone making the merchandise themselves (like t-shirts, buttons, or mouse pads). I would recommend you refrain from buying the DVDs on eBay unless you are certain that they are original media, and not pirated bootlegs (they shouldn’t mention Chinese anywhere in the description). Use Rinkya if you’re looking for rare items such as doujinshi, music boxes, or autographs (yes, they exist, I own quite a few of them myself):

Visit eBay and search for Nuku Nuku toys, posters, the artbook, doujinshi, and other memorabilia…

Visit Amazon for inexpensive Nuku Nuku products licensed for and released in the US…

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