27 Feb 2012

Scanlation & Watermarks

Author: Cool Snoops | Filed under: File Sharing, Midnight Confabulates

 Watermarks appear to be gaining popularity among scanlation groups with the rise of web sites dedicated to distributing manga. Now there’s nothing wrong with watermarks in and of themselves, but it’s where some groups are beginning to place their watermarks that is causing consternation. You don’t place a watermark smack dab in the middle of an image, especially if it detracts, distracts, or obscures! Watermarks should be placed near the bottom or top of the page outside of the art. But to be obstinate in watermarking in some crusade to try and control how your labour of love is distributed is ludicrous. My question to scanlation groups then would be why are they scanlating? Their goal should be to get out the title their working on to as many users as possible to create an awareness of said title among the populace. If it’s to get a pat on the back, then might I suggest you create a real company and license the title and legally release it. It’s gotten so ridiculous lately! Bottom line, people don’t care who scanlates the title as long as they can read it, provided that there’s not some annoying watermark right in the middle of an important spot on the page. Scanlation groups should refrain from this silly watermarking business! You can rest assured that Cool Snoops’ Scanlation Group will not engage in this petty business…

 Midnight thinks it would be a splendid idea to use Midnight’s face as our new watermark so that everyone can remember to praise and give Scooby Snacks to Midnight! We’ll put it right smack in the middle of the…uh oh, time to go!

 When I get my hands on that mutt… grumble mutter mutter

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