7 Nov 2011

Luna Lunatic Manga

Author: Cool Snoops | Filed under: Downloads

16 year-old Luna is a first-year student at Angelica High School. It looks like it’s a Catholic High School, as it is run by nuns. Luna’s a cute girl, but she gets in trouble a lot for her behavior. For example, during church services, she was in the back asleep and drooling instead of paying attention. It is after one such event of bad behavior that Luna is punished by having to clean the church. She does so, and pauses to examine a beautiful piece of art on one of the walls. It’s like a stone carving where a man’s body is coming halfway out of a wall. Luna starts to clean off the carving when she cuts herself, and some of her blood gets on the statue. but that isn’t her biggest problem. The statue has suddenly come to life! The man’s eyes are open, and he smiles a wicked fang-toothed grin at Luna! He introduces himself as the vampire Mao, and he wants her help to get out of the stone wall.

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