6 Nov 2011


Author: Cool Snoops | Filed under: Announcements, Midnight Confabulates, Nuku Nuku

 After about 5 months of banging my head against the wall learning how to use WordPress, and trying to fix all the bugs in the Blak Magik theme, I believe that we finally have something worthy of being deemed finished! For those interested in the adjustments to the Blak Magik theme (ask for details at your own peril):

  • changed the white boxes near the bottom of the screen to match the rest of the background
  • added navigation links to the footer
  • and removed achive.php because it wasn’t formating the archives like the home page

Let’s hope that I don’t have to do anything like that again…ever! I can’t imagine what any admin is thinking that constantly changes their theme =S

Plus, we’re getting close to 20,000 hits *screams*

 Oh boy! That means Master will draw another cartoon of Midnight…

 In your dreams, pup! I was thinking something more along the lines of releasing another chapter of Nuku Nuku…


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