19 Sep 2011


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Wakfu is a 2008 French cartoon by Ankama Animation set within the world of an MMORPG of the same name, which is set 1000 years after the production company’s other MMO, Dofus. The first season follows a group of adventurers aiding the hero, Yugo, in his search to find his true family. Together, they battle their way through various dangers, all the while being chased by Nox, a time-manipulating mad-man powered by the energy of all living creatures (the wakfu), which he harvests through swarms of parasitic, robotic bugs. Shorts were produced that were based off the first season called Mini Wakfu. The second season brings the original group back together for another adventure as they search for the Dofus of Qilby’s sister, while introducing new characters along the way. These are French episodes subbed in English. The first season is a DVD rip. There are rumors of a third season, but nothing has been confirmed. The first 2 episodes have been dubbed in English, but there are no plans yet to dub the rest of the 2 seasons. Just be patient…

Season 1



Season 2

Wakfu_S2-E01_English-Softsubbed_v2_2A2EDB6F.mkv 320.4 MB
Wakfu_S2-E02_English-Softsubbed_0BD8BE66.mkv 262.2 MB
Wakfu_S2-E03__English_Softsubbed___827D172D_.mkv 269.5 MB
Wakfu_S2-E04_English-Softsubbed_FBCAA68B.mkv 262.1 MB
Wakfu_S2-E05_English-Softsubbed_291F0FDE.mkv 282.7 MB
Wakfu_S2-E06_English-Softsubbed_4DDB4E37.mkv 277.3 MB
Wakfu_S2-E07_English-Softsubbed_E1F057A4.mkv 281.2 MB
Wakfu_S2-E08_English-Softsubbed_7BAE363D.mkv 291.3 MB
Wakfu_S2-E09_English-Softsubbed_19AD5384.mkv 281.8 MB
Wakfu_S2-E10_English-Softsubbed_09CA17FB.mkv 261.2 MB
Wakfu_S2-E11_English-Softsubbed_4FB84DFC_0.mkv 225.9 MB
Wakfu_S2-E12_English-Softsubbed_149678F9.mkv 219.3 MB
Wakfu_S2-E13_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_759244B8.mkv 669.8 MB
Wakfu_S2-E14_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_CDB098F4.mkv 621.8 MB
Wakfu_S2-E15_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_A4F7304F.mkv 527.5 MB
Wakfu_S2-E16_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_A8585ECB.mkv 512.2 MB
Wakfu_S2-E17_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_B8E25755.mkv 424.8 MB
Wakfu_S2-E18_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_559E0C45.mkv 509.0 MB
Wakfu_S2-E19_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_FF3CAA81.mkv 407.2 MB
Wakfu_S2-E20_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_59949CE0.mkv 413.8 MB
Wakfu_S2-E21_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_FB041D84.mkv 443.5 MB
Wakfu_S2-E22_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_F25711AF.mkv 405.5 MB
Wakfu_S2-E23_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_F2FB6A47.mkv 451.1 MB
Wakfu_S2-E24_English-Softsubbed_08297995.mkv 241.4 MB
Wakfu_S2-E25_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_v2_1361733C.mkv 529.2 MB
Wakfu_S2-E26_HD-1080p_English-Softsubbed_FAA1FA0D.mkv 557.3 MB

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