19 Sep 2011

Mighty Max

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Mighty Max follows Max, an adventurous preteen boy who receives a package in the mail. The package contains a small statue of a fowl, inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphs. The translation reveals a message which reads: “You have been chosen to be the cap-bearer. Go to the mini-mart and wait for a sign, Mighty Max.” Shocked by the message, Max drops the statue, shattering it and revealing a red baseball cap emblazoned with a yellow “M” which he puts on. Upon arriving at the mini-mart, he is chased by a lava-monster sent by Skullmaster, a megalomaniacal demon who lives within the earth and has the power to create evil minions. As Max races away, the cap activates a vortex which transports him instantly from his current location (somewhere in the United States), to the Mongolian desert, where Max is met by Virgil, a Lemurian, whose appearance is that of an anthropomorphic “fowl.” Virgil explains that Max’s reception of the cap was prophesied circa 3,000 BC. Max, Virgil, and Norman, his Viking bodyguard, travel together around the world, defending Earth against the minions of Skullmaster, who is responsible for the downfall of both the Lemurians and the people of Atlantis. Norman is supposedly immortal and has improvised being various legends, including Sir Lancelot, Thor, Samson, and Hercules, as first talked about in episode 5, “Let Sleeping Dragons Lie.”

01 -Mighty Max- A Bellwether in One's Cap [dcoy].avi 173.0 MB
02 -Mighty Max- (b) The Brain Suckers Cometh [dcoy].avi 172.7 MB
03 -Mighty Max- (b) Snakes & Laddies [dcoy].avi 164.2 MB
04 -Mighty Max- Day of the Cyclops [dcoy].avi 172.5 MB
05 -Mighty Max- Let Sleeping Dragons Lie [dcoy].avi 164.2 MB
06 -Mighty Max- Rumble in the Jungle [dcoy].avi 172.6 MB
07 -Mighyt Max- (b) The Mother of All Adventures [dcoy].avi 172.0 MB
08 -Mighty Max- Norman's Conquest [dcoy].avi 172.1 MB
09 -Mighty Max- Less Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under the Sea [.avi 172.8 MB
10 -Mighty Max- Bring Me the Head of Mighty Max [dcoy].avi 170.9 MB
11 -Mighyt Max- Werewolves of Dunneglen [dcoy].avi 172.3 MB
12 -Mighty Max- Out in the Cold [dcoy].avi 163.4 MB
13 -Mighty Max- The Magnificent Seven [dcoy].avi 172.7 MB
14 -Mighty Max- Pandora's Box part 1 of 2 [dcoy].avi 172.6 MB
15 -Mighty Max- Pandora's Box part 2 of 2 [dcoy].avi 172.4 MB
16 -Mighty Max- Blood of the Dragon [dcoy].avi 172.7 MB
17 -Mighty Max- The Missing Linked [dcoy].avi 164.1 MB
18 -Mighty Max- The Year of the Rat. [dcoy].avi 172.7 MB
19 -Mighty Max- Zygote's Rhythm [dcoy].avi 172.8 MB
20 -Mighty Max- The Cyberskull Virus [dcoy].avi 172.7 MB
21 -Mighyt Max- (b) Along Came Arachnoid [dcoy].avi 164.0 MB
22 -Mighty Max- (b) The Axeman Commeth [dcoy].avi 172.8 MB
23 -Mighty Max- Bettlemania [dcoy].avi 172.8 MB
24 -Mighty Max- Souls of Talon [dcoy].avi 164.2 MB
25 -Mighty Max- Tar Wars [dcoy].avi 172.7 MB
26 -Mighty Max- Clown Without Pity [dcoy].avi 172.6 MB
27 -Mighty Max- Max VS Max [dcoy].avi 172.5 MB
28 -Mighty Max- Cyberskull II the Next Level [dcoy].avi 172.7 MB
29 -Mighty Max- Zygote Music [dcoy].avi 169.1 MB
30 -Mighty Max- Fuath and Beggora [dcoy].avi 172.4 MB
31 -Mighty Max- (b) Fly by Night [dcoy].avi 164.1 MB
32 -Mighty Max- The Mummy's Hand [dcoy].avi 172.3 MB
33 -Mighty Max- (b) I, Warmonger [dcoy].avi 164.2 MB
34 -Mighty Max- Dawn of the Conqueror [dcoy].avi 172.7 MB
35 -Mighty Max- Serius trouble [dcoy].avi 172.4 MB
36 -Mighty Max- (b) Armageddon Closer [dcoy].avi 172.5 MB
37 -Mighty Max- (b) Armageddon Outta Here [dcoy].avi 172.7 MB
38 -Mighty Max- Scorpio Rising [dcoy].avi 172.5 MB
39 -Mighty Max- (b) Good Golly Ms. Koli [dcoy].avi 164.1 MB
40 -Mighty Max- (b) Around the World in Eighty Arms [dcoy].avi 164.0 MB

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  1. John Wilson Says:

    Awesome series. I watched this show growing up and this has to be the best quality anywhere on the net. Thanks for the links.