9 Sep 2011

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

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Kung Fu: The Legend Continues is a spin-off of the 1972-1975 television series Kung Fu. This series aired in syndication for four seasons, from January 27, 1993 to January 1, 1997.

Like his grandfather and namesake from the original TV series, Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine) is a Shaolin priest. Caine was the head of a temple in Northern California, where his son Peter (Chris Potter) also lived and studied, until the temple was destroyed in a fire caused by a renegade priest who believed the priests would serve better as mercenaries. After the destruction of the temple, each believed the other had perished and went on their separate ways; Caine wandered and traveled, much as his grandfather had, while Peter became a foster child and eventually a police officer. The series begins when Caine comes to the city’s Chinatown section, where Peter’s precinct is, and they are reunited after being separated for 15 years.

These are old TV rips, so the quality isn’t all that great. I have labeled some of the quirks of episodes in ( )s.

Season 1

Episode 01.avi 342.6 MB
Episode 02.avi 325.4 MB
Episode 03.avi 343.4 MB
Episode 04.avi 342.7 MB
Episode 05.avi 343.5 MB
Episode 06.avi 343.4 MB
Episode 07.avi 342.8 MB
Episode 08.avi 343.2 MB
Episode 09.avi 343.3 MB
Episode 10.avi 343.0 MB
Episode 11.avi 342.9 MB
Episode 12.avi 343.3 MB
Episode 13.avi 343.4 MB
Episode 14.avi 343.1 MB
Episode 15.avi 343.2 MB
Episode 16.avi 343.1 MB
Episode 17.avi 328.1 MB
Episode 18.avi 328.0 MB
Episode 19.avi 328.0 MB
Episode 20.avi 343.0 MB
Episode 21.avi 328.2 MB
Episode 22.avi 328.7 MB

Season 2
Episode 01.avi 327.4 MB
Episode 02.avi 327.8 MB
Episode 03.avi 327.8 MB
Episode 04.avi 327.9 MB
Episode 05.avi 328.1 MB
Episode 06.avi 327.7 MB
Episode 07.avi 327.7 MB
Episode 08.avi 327.7 MB
Episode 09.avi 327.4 MB
Episode 10.avi 327.5 MB
Episode 11.avi 327.9 MB
Episode 12.avi 327.7 MB
Episode 13.avi 327.3 MB
Episode 14.avi 327.4 MB
Episode 15.avi 327.3 MB
Episode 16 (skips).avi 327.4 MB
Episode 17.avi 327.7 MB
Episode 18.avi 327.6 MB
Episode 19.avi 327.8 MB
Episode 20.avi 327.7 MB
Episode 21.avi 327.8 MB
Episode 22.avi 328.1 MB

Season 3

Season 4

This is a compilation of bloopers, but the audio quality isn’t very good.
Bloopers.avi 193.0 MB

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