18 Jun 2011

Nuku Nuku Manga

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Title: Shin Bannou Bunka Neko Musume

Status: Chapter 1-2 was translated and released by another group. I have the English translation of the leftover chapters from Camui. I’m now currently editing chapter 5…
Chapter 3 released 10/2/2010, translated into English
Chapter 4 released 7/4/2011, translated into English

Comments: There are 2 manga that were officially released. One was 3 chapters and licensed by ADV. The other has 8 chapters, which is the one I’m working on releasing. The first 2 chapters were released by another group which did an awesome job with the colored inserts (much better than I would have even bothered to attempt), but then they dropped it without any explanation. I procured the book in hopes that I would eventually find a translator someday, and then I recently came into contact with Camui. Thanks to her efforts, I now have the complete English translation in my possession. Now I just need time. Hopefully with the new layout and design of Enchanting Media I’ll be more motivated to finish up the editing. I’m beginning to edit chapter 5 now that chapter 4 is out. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that I can finish one chapter a month or sooner!

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