22 Jan 2018


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 Sigh, I spent the last week trying to fix my web site, only to learn that the theme I’m using is NOT compatible with WordPress 4.9.2. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to fix the theme, and the author hasn’t replied to my request yet. I think he’s abandoned it. So luckily it was fairly simple to downgrade to 4.9.1, however I’m uncertain how long I will be able to operate this way without upgrading to the latest version of WordPress. Then I learn that my CGI counter is broken, which I can’t appear to fix. GoDaddy has just been a nightmare to deal with lately, not to mention their prices have skyrocketed just in the last month! I’ve been doing a lot of cost cutting these last few months, so I’m looking at ways to save money, especially with hosting. So the other day I was looking at the files that I’m hosting and can’t figure out what in the world I was thinking…

  Neither can we!!!

 Ahem, so as I was saying, I was trying to host files that couldn’t be easily downloaded, but I’m lost as to how I made the choices I did. Hey, it was a long time ago. Anyway, so probably all of the files will be removed except the pertinent stuff like my favorite music and scanlation projects. If I can get the files I host to just a fraction of what they currently are, then maybe I can ditch GoDaddy’s hosting plan for something else cheaper than $22 a month! I will be working on that for the next couple of weeks, so yall have been warned! Grab the files now! But no worries if you miss out. Almost everything can be easily found through the links I have provided and lots and lots of patience…with a little luck.  =)

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