10 May 2017

New Position

Author: Cool Snoops | Filed under: Announcements, File Sharing

 Welp, I’ve gone and done it now! I was looking for the 2nd season of Asterisk, and somehow got pulled into being a temporary QC for Harunatsu Fansubs for Asterisk. I had no intentions of doing something like that, but it just happened. Apparently there is a lack of volunteers that have an excellent grasp of the English language willing to subject themselves to the utter horrors of reading subtitles and correcting them on the fly. I guess all those nightmarish years of studying advanced grammar in high school are actually going to pay off. So yes, this confirms all your sneaking suspicions that all of my projects are sitting on my desktop, staring me in the face, being ignored. I wonder what other surprises 2017 has in store for little ol me…

2 Responses to “New Position”

  1. Haru Says:

    Sorry in advance xd.

  2. Cool Snoops Says:

    Ah, it’s OK, it should be fun since I get to watch one of my shows at the same time =3

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