6 Sep 2013


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coolsnoops-talk After whining about there not being a convention for the Big Island in my last post, low and behold, I’m introduced to HawaiiCon! Here’s the Kickstarter URL to help support it. Supposed to be held in September 2014 in Waimea:

HawaiiCon Kickstarter Campaign

midnight-talk Waah, Midnight will miss Master while he is away! Humph, Midnight will just have her own convention with Leaf…

leaf-talk1 Are you kidding me?! I’m going! Just think of all those delicious Dandelions they’ll have for sale in the dealer’s room!!! And CS still owes me lunch…and dinner. Shoot, let’s throw in breakfast and snacks too, while we’re at it!

coolsnoops-talk Help!

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