17 Apr 2013

Ninja High School Volume 12

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Title: The Collected Ninja High School Volume 12 Enter: The Y-Men

Status: released 4/2013

Comments: I also found this gem at our local library around the same time I found the 2nd volume collecting dust and decided to scan it since Ninja High School isn’t as freely available on the web to read like some other titles. This also took me 6 years from the time I scanned it to clean it up and release it. That’s all the Ninja High School large print books that my library has (12 volumes total for large print collection). The rest are the censored/edited pocket versions. I refuse to mess up my comic book collection to scan the issues that are missing! That’s a project for Ben Dunn or someone with money to burn…

After cleaning this volume up, I’ve decided to go back and clean up the past releases that I’ve done. I got mad when I read a review that said I did low quality work. My retort is that they can go buy the book(s) and pay for the translator if they’re not happy! This isn’t a cheap hobby. Bunch of ingrates…

Ninja High School Volume 12 (37MB)


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