10 Mar 2013

QT Worthless

Author: Cool Snoops | Filed under: Mac

coolsnoops-talk¬†Well, I just found out why QuickTime Player X isn’t playing most of my play MKV files. It turns out that Apple decided that QT shouldn’t be able to open files with more than one video track anymore. Therefore, movie files with more than one video track, subtitles are a video track, will not open in QT (most anime these days). Later versions might have been fixed, but I don’t know because I can’t run the latest OS on my Mac. I just recently upgraded, and saw that for some annoying reason, the new version of QT refused to open MKV and OGM files. I finally decided to see if I could fix it today. As if QT wasn’t suffering in popularity as a player enough, Apple apparently throws it under the bus. Well, it doesn’t really matter since we all use VLC now, right?

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