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17 Jun 2011


Author: Cool Snoops | Filed under: File Sharing, Mac, Midnight Confabulates

Oh, oh, Master said Midnight can do the review all by Midnight’s self! So be prepared to shower Midnight with lots and lots of praises and treats…especially treats!

At the request of the Eltima Software Company, Master tested their new Mac download/torrent manager calledĀ Folx. It’s shareware, but they also have a free version with some options disabled. The download manager works great, and the torrent feature is a pleasant addition. Master’s favorite feature is the search function in the paid version! Beats having to search the web for torrents. It looks like there might be future support for eDonkey links. That’s what Master is really looking forward to! Lots of great comics on the eDonkey network. So giveĀ Folx a try today if you’re a Mac user running 10.4 or above. Now, about my treats…


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