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31 Oct 2010

Halloween 2010

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It looks like poor ol Leaf lost her home due to borrowing too much money to buy all those exotic dandelions that she loves so much. But never fear, for even fairies are resourceful during these hard times (it also helps being only 6 inches tall)…
Once again, I have outdone myself and produced yet another cartoon for the site…and it’s even digitized using the latest version of Manga Studio EX. Hey, I think I’m on a roll this year…a manga chapter and a cartoon!

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25 Dec 2008

Christmas 2008

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 Some fan art that I edited to fit the Christmas season since I’m short on time. Poor ol Genn from Fred Perry’s “Gold Digger” thought she could pull a fast one on Santa. Well, just don’t forget he’s only jolly until you start messing with his milk and cookies! Merry Christmas & have a happy New Year, guys…

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31 Oct 2008

Halloween 2008

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 Well, I’ve done it once again! I’ve finished another drawing before the date passed with 2 hours to spare =D
This is Sly the Cat. He, yes, he (it’s a long, complicated story) just isn’t enjoying Halloween very much this year…poor thing. You might recognize the character Sly’s supposed to be dressed like: Felicia from Darkstalkers. I didn’t have the time nor the interest to digitally color this in Manga Studio (maybe next time), so I colored it using colored pencils instead. It looks a lot better on paper than scanned for some reason. I think I’ll slink out the door now while Sly’s still…occupied =P

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7 Aug 2008


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 I was recently introduced to the world of OS-tans the other day by my good friend Derekcat. I’m not quite sure what kind of devious plans he had in the back of his mind, but I decided to draw one myself for Leopard that Apple had just released. There weren’t many out there, and I wanted to take part in helping to shape the general character that should represent Leopard-tan. So, without further adu, here’s my version that took me 3 days to do:

And that’s the sign for victory, not peace! We Mac users are anything but peaceful >=D
Oh, and I scratched out every one of those spots using my stylus, by the way ; )

 Oh, oh, Midnight wants Master to do one of her as Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6)…

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14 Feb 2008

Valentine’s Day 2008

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 Merry Chri…no wait, umm, let’s try Happy Birt…no no, ahhh, what greeting should I use for Valentine’s Day??? Anyway, here is the continuing saga of Team Midnight as they work to have her officially recognized as the mascot for Valenttine’s Day:

Looks like Cupid isn’t going to take this laying down on a cloud! Check back every Valentine’s Day to see what happens to Midnight…
Oh, and I haven’t mentioned this yet, but Midnight has a magical allergy where she sneezes like a hurricane, and then reverts to her human form until she sneezes again. It’s very rare, and she apparently picked it up as a side effect from being pulled into Mythleg. So it hasn’t been named yet…or in other words, I haven’t thought of a really cool sounding name yet = \
Any suggestions??? The comments below are open…

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29 Oct 2007

Halloween 2007

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 Oooooo, this is definitely a first in the history of Enchanting Media!?! I, no no I didn’t pay someone, have finished and actually posted a release before the special occasion occurred! I know, I know, I’m flabbergasted too. I’m not quite sure what happened either =P

Well, it will be a year now since I’ve started releasing cartoons here, because I started last Halloween. So here is a pic of Leigh in a catgirl suit. Leigh is a character from another cartoon series that I draw ; )
OK guys, you can stop drooling now…she’s not naked, she’s wearing a skin suit =D

I did the whole thing in Manga Studio EX. The font is from Blambot, which does a great job creating fonts, by the way. The watermark and the URL were done in Photoshop though. Manga Studio EX is weak in the text area. I invented a new coloring system to work with Manga Studio EX, so tell me what you think about the highlights and shadows. Pretty much the only thing I’m not happy with are the hands, but I’m used to drawing paws anyway = 3