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14 Feb 2008

Valentine’s Day 2008

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 Merry Chri…no wait, umm, let’s try Happy Birt…no no, ahhh, what greeting should I use for Valentine’s Day??? Anyway, here is the continuing saga of Team Midnight as they work to have her officially recognized as the mascot for Valenttine’s Day:

Looks like Cupid isn’t going to take this laying down on a cloud! Check back every Valentine’s Day to see what happens to Midnight…
Oh, and I haven’t mentioned this yet, but Midnight has a magical allergy where she sneezes like a hurricane, and then reverts to her human form until she sneezes again. It’s very rare, and she apparently picked it up as a side effect from being pulled into Mythleg. So it hasn’t been named yet…or in other words, I haven’t thought of a really cool sounding name yet = \
Any suggestions??? The comments below are open…

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29 Oct 2007

Halloween 2007

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 Oooooo, this is definitely a first in the history of Enchanting Media!?! I, no no I didn’t pay someone, have finished and actually posted a release before the special occasion occurred! I know, I know, I’m flabbergasted too. I’m not quite sure what happened either =P

Well, it will be a year now since I’ve started releasing cartoons here, because I started last Halloween. So here is a pic of Leigh in a catgirl suit. Leigh is a character from another cartoon series that I draw ; )
OK guys, you can stop drooling now…she’s not naked, she’s wearing a skin suit =D

I did the whole thing in Manga Studio EX. The font is from Blambot, which does a great job creating fonts, by the way. The watermark and the URL were done in Photoshop though. Manga Studio EX is weak in the text area. I invented a new coloring system to work with Manga Studio EX, so tell me what you think about the highlights and shadows. Pretty much the only thing I’m not happy with are the hands, but I’m used to drawing paws anyway = 3

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31 Aug 2007

Megumi Hayashibara “Cartoonized”

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 I used a photo of Megumi Hayashibara (my favorite Japanese singer, by the way) as a model for this drawing. I think it came out OK, with this being my first drawing of this kind ; )
I did it in 2B pencil, and it took me only about 15 minutes or less…

 GROWL, Midnight doesn’t like singers!!!

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14 Feb 2007

Valentine’s Day 2007

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 This is a Valentine’s Day cartoon that I drew the 12th, but finished tonight (14th). True, today is over, but as I always say, “Better late than never!” Ahem, anyway, here’s the drawing…

I say we tar and feather the little guy, eh?
I just realized that I messed up Midnight’s ears. I drew and colored them as if you were looking at them from behind. The paws look like they’re upside down too (sigh). Live and learn…

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25 Dec 2006

Christmas 2006

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 That’s right folks, never, and I mean never, cross Santa! He has a mind like a steel trap ; )
Midnight’s favorite day of the year is Christmas, next to Thanksgiving, of course. It came out very nice, except I still need to work some more on Midnight’s ears. I’m still trying to flesh out the characters, so don’t be surprised if the images look a little different as time progresses. That, and I need to figure out how to get rid of that white/black line effect in Manga Studio most visible on Midnight…

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31 Oct 2006

Halloween 2006

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 This is my first Halloween cartoon that I drew using the caste of Mythleg! Leaf (who loves terrorizing individuals) is wearing a cat mask to scare Midnight senseless, who must then be rescued by me (what a bother)…

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8 Oct 2006

Celebrating 1,000 Unique Hits!

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 We received our 1,000th unique hit on July 26, 2006, so I drew a centerfold of Midnight. It took us 6 long years to get to this point, so I promised to do a centerfold about 11 hits away to try and increase interest…

 Maaaster, what’s a centerfold???

 You should be in bed sleeping, Midnight! Eh heh heh, just ignore her…
And the moment you’ve all been waiting for (approximately 74 days, that is):

That’s Midnight for you folks. Let’s all give her a round of applause…

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