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31 Oct 2014

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coolsnoops-talk Well, Halloween is once again upon us, but work has prevented me from spending any time on this hobby of mine, unfortunately. So no new updates about scanlations or even art. SIGH…

midnight-talk Oh, oh, but on a brighter note, Midnight has stumbled upon this site New Comic that has great free downloads of current comic books like Scooby Doo!!! Oh, how I wish he and I coul…

coolsnoops-talk Ahem Cough Hack Cough, let’s try and keep the site G rated, shall we? Anyway, here’s some recycled art from the distant past for you to enjoy:


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9 Nov 2012

Halloween Cartoon

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 Well, unfortunately it didn’t happen because of work. I have a rough drawn, but I didn’t have time to digitize it =\
I’m thinking about finishing it anyways. We’ll see…

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25 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas

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 Like the snowflakes? I think it adds a nice touch to the site for the holidays. Anyway, merry Christmas to all you guys who I know visit this site constantly every day hoping for a new Nuku Nuku release because you haven’t learned what an RSS feed is =P
Nothing to update yet, which is why its been quiet, unfortunately. Yeah, yeah, I know yall are disappointed that there’s no Halloween or Christmas cartoon, but I’ve got to earn my bread and butter to feed Midnight and the gang too, you know…

 Pssst, Master actually started working on a Holloween cartoon, but didn’t finish it because he was too bus…

 MIDNIGHT! Heh, heh, please ignore the ramblings of a starving, delirious mutt! I’ll see what I can do about releasing another chapter this week though…maybe.

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7 Nov 2011

Time Stranger Kyoko

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 This was so cute I couldn’t refrain from coloring it. It was a good, clean scan, so I kind of just “kissed” it lightly using the airbrush tool in Photoshop. I think it came out very well. Much better than I anticipated since I had never done this before. This is the last page in the manga Time Stranger Kyoko.

 Sigh…Midnight wishes that were her and Master instead…

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7 Nov 2011

Deedlit Fan Art

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 Deedlit is one of my most favorite characters…after Darkwing Duck, of course. So I decided to try drawing some cute poses of Deedlit. Plus I was working on drawing female cartoon characters at the time. This is drawn with an HB pencil from the ending credits of the Record of Lodoss War OAV.

I decided to experiment and use 2B, HB, and 2H pencils (it came as a set anyway). I quickly learned that I liked working with a grade of pencil that was soft and easy to erase because I press down harder than the average artist. It still came out OK. This is the scene where Parn gives Deedlit a white rose and she catches him. Silly boy, elves have acute hearing. From the Record of Lodoss War OAV also.

 Nooo, Master should only be looking at Midnight, not elfy girl!!!

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18 Jun 2011

All About Mythleg

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Welcome to Mythleg, a place where legends and myths reside. A place that can only be reached through hidden, mystical doorways that connect various worlds together. Unfortunately, as time has passed, these doorways have disappeared or been destroyed (but a few still remain). The name of this grand world is called Mythleg. In this world there is a great wood where most of the stories revolve around called Enchanting Forest. You could say that Mythleg is unofficially ruled by Wu, the High Elven King (among other things). If you dare brave the great adventures that await, then by all means, please continue reading…

I’m going through and writing down the story arcs and making them actually flow with no conflicts! This is a slow and painful process for me because I’m a gag cartoonist. I hate writing adventure story arcs! And then there’s the interaction and situations that you have to create to compliment the main plot… *shivers*

What this project has evolved into since 2002 is a couple of cartoons released each year around the holidays that may or may not be consistent with story arcs that I’m writing and constantly revising. I’m still refining the stories, which jump around in time like the Narnia books. I haven’t decided if I should publish it as a web comic, a comic book, or a novel with illustrations. I could probably handle the illustrations, but any type of comic would probably be too difficult. I have a tough time drawing characters consistently, especially if they’re as complicated as the characters involved with Mythleg. There will be occasional updates as holidays come and go…maybe.

Just to clear up any confusion, I’m Cool Snoops (sometimes referred to as CS). Midnight is the masco…

Master is sooo mean! He means that Midnight is the S – T – A – Raack

As I was saying, Midnight’s the mascot and shouldn’t be taken seriously ; )

Character Gallery

Cool Snoops: that’s me! A tad mysterious for suspense. Always wears a mask. Only a handful know my identity, and I’ll say right now Midnight’s not one of those unfortunate few…

Midnight: the mascot for Enchanting Media. A very possessive, unpredictable gal due to an incident that I’d rather not talk about. She currently resides in my mansion as I oversee her treatment.

Leaf: a famous, high ranking, unpredictable, easily excitable, and very powerful wood fairy you do not want to upset! I always have my hands full when Leaf’s around. She’s good friends with Midnight & Flower. Unfortunately, she knows my identity, and is not beyond using blackmail to get what she wants, which usually consists of large orders of exotic rare dandelions *sigh*…

Flower: the oldest daughter of Rose. Her mother Rose is the leader of the Kitsune clan. She doesn’t get along well with me or her mother. She has refused to be acknowledged as the next leader, but Rose hasn’t given up hope yet. She was good friends with Midnight & Leaf before Midnight’s incident. She couldn’t cope with Midnight’s personality change due to her memory loss, so she distanced herself. She still visits from time to time hoping to heal Midnight’s mind…

SLEEZY OR ELSE!: the only lawyer in Mythleg. He makes sure it stays that way, too (through whatever means necessary). So in other words, he never looses a case since there is never any competition. Yes, greatly fear the one known sa Sleezy! Other than that, not much is known about this eccentric character…

Note: Yes, I realize that sleezy should be spelled sleazy. I caught this much later after releasing the Valentine’s Day cartoon. I’ll leave it this way because I think it gives him character, and provides a few hints about his educational background.

Sly: a common household cat that was wisked away from the same neighborhood as Midnight while searching for her. She spent many long years looking for Midnight before finally finding her at the Kitsune village. She knew and met Midnight before she lost her memory. Sly is a male trapped in a femal’s body due to a freak accident when he entered Mythleg…so please forgive me if I accidently interchange pronouns when refering to him…I mean her…ahh, you get the idea!

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31 Oct 2010

Halloween 2010

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It looks like poor ol Leaf lost her home due to borrowing too much money to buy all those exotic dandelions that she loves so much. But never fear, for even fairies are resourceful during these hard times (it also helps being only 6 inches tall)…
Once again, I have outdone myself and produced yet another cartoon for the site…and it’s even digitized using the latest version of Manga Studio EX. Hey, I think I’m on a roll this year…a manga chapter and a cartoon!

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25 Dec 2008

Christmas 2008

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 Some fan art that I edited to fit the Christmas season since I’m short on time. Poor ol Genn from Fred Perry’s “Gold Digger” thought she could pull a fast one on Santa. Well, just don’t forget he’s only jolly until you start messing with his milk and cookies! Merry Christmas & have a happy New Year, guys…

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31 Oct 2008

Halloween 2008

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 Well, I’ve done it once again! I’ve finished another drawing before the date passed with 2 hours to spare =D
This is Sly the Cat. He, yes, he (it’s a long, complicated story) just isn’t enjoying Halloween very much this year…poor thing. You might recognize the character Sly’s supposed to be dressed like: Felicia from Darkstalkers. I didn’t have the time nor the interest to digitally color this in Manga Studio (maybe next time), so I colored it using colored pencils instead. It looks a lot better on paper than scanned for some reason. I think I’ll slink out the door now while Sly’s still…occupied =P

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7 Aug 2008


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 I was recently introduced to the world of OS-tans the other day by my good friend Derekcat. I’m not quite sure what kind of devious plans he had in the back of his mind, but I decided to draw one myself for Leopard that Apple had just released. There weren’t many out there, and I wanted to take part in helping to shape the general character that should represent Leopard-tan. So, without further adu, here’s my version that took me 3 days to do:

And that’s the sign for victory, not peace! We Mac users are anything but peaceful >=D
Oh, and I scratched out every one of those spots using my stylus, by the way ; )

 Oh, oh, Midnight wants Master to do one of her as Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6)…

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