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16 Feb 2012

Omar’s Files

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 I just found this awesome http server that has tons of anime for easy downloading! You just use jDownloader, and you’re on your way to lots of free cartoons to watch. No more worrying about seeders, ratios, or searching fservs. And can you believe that there’s no advertising or hoops to jump through to download?!? I’d recommend grabbing what you’re looking for before this wonderful opportunity bites the dust. Oh, and you should use the search feature to find what you want. The site is a tad slow since it has to create every page from an extensive database…

 Humph, Master is more worried about his ratio on BakaBT than he is about Midnight [POUTS]…

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24 Oct 2011

Uncensored Anime/BD/DVD

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 Tired of black holes, steam, or white light obstructing your view of the latest fansubbed anime release? Then allow me to introduce you to some groups who release uncensored anime from Blu-ray, DVD, or AT-X (a TV network that sometimes airs uncensored anime). Be sure to look for BD or DVD in the file name to be certain that they are indeed uncensored. You’ll have to read the fansub group’s web site to learn if their AT-X rips are uncensored or not. This will be an ongoing list that I will be constantly updating as I find more groups or they stop fansubbing:

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17 Jun 2011


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Believe it or not, Google is a great tool for finding files ranging anywhere from MP3s to specific torrents. If I’m having trouble locating something from my usual list of links, then I turn to Google. The trick is to learn how to use the search engine. Like if I’m looking for a torrent, I’ll type: “donkey kong” torrent
That tells Google to only list results that have the exact phrase donkey kong along with torrent somewhere on the page. If I don’t find what I’m looking for in the first page of results, I normally give up (depending on how desperate I am). My favorite thing to do now is to type a full question and get an answer with little effort =D

Visit this page for a detailed explanation on how to use Google…

Lately, I’ve also been using Google to search for files on direct download sites like Megaupload. Enter what you’re searching for like normal, but type at the end, substituting for whatever site you want to search. Be careful of fakes and spoofs, though…

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17 Jun 2011

Bit Torrent

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Bit Torrent has become the most popular way to share files, whether they be small or very large. It’s great as long as you can get decent speeds. Unfortunately, speeds can never be guaranteed. One day you can get 50k, while the next you can barely scrape out 1k. Just make sure there are lots of seeders if you want fast speeds. I recommend limiting your upload speeds. You decide how much depending on your connection, but I limit mine to 30KB globally if I’m doing other stuff on the net that requires bandwidth. I also limit my global connections to 20. That will prevent your connection from being overloaded and not being able to download anything. My favorite application is Transmission because it doesn’t hog your computer’s resources. If you are looking for torrents, then check out the links to the right. The key is to be patient. If you haven’t learned that by now, then just forget about file sharing…

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17 Jun 2011


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IRC, Internet Relay Chat, is the oldest form of file sharing known to man. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest to use. The best way I can describe it is that it’s like Microsoft DOS. You’ll find that many of the commands are similar. Probably the most frustrating thing of all is that clients can be very different from each other in the way they work. IRC is your best bet to find anything that’s not on Bit Torrent or if you’re in a hurry. You just need to know what servers and channels to visit. I’ve started a list below to help you get started. If you want to run an fserv on a Mac, you’ll have to use X-Chat Aqua with Obsidian2. Just follow the included instructions. There are other clients available for Mac that you can use like Ircle. Here’s a list that’s maintained and updated regularly that you can choose from. I recommend using the latest version of X-Chat Aqua for Mac OS X. It’s been updated so that it doesn’t spit out Catalan anymore.

IRC servers (your browser needs to be configured to load the links below in your IRC client):

IRC channels (your browser needs to be configured to load the links below in your IRC client):

Oh, oh, Master said Midnight can share some basic rules to follow when in a channel:

  1. Make sure you have a unique nick, don’t leave it default.
  2. When you join a channel, read the topic. It will tell you what is acceptable and what you can do.
  3. Stay on topic. Don’t join a Manga channel and expect to find movies.
  4. Don’t ask questions unless you are ready for a big backlash. They really, really hate being asked questions that newbies usually ask all the time. Research the net first, then ask if everything else has been exhausted.
  5. Don’t pester or message users for files. Just do what their ad says, and if it doesn’t work, move on to someone else.
  6. Never talk back or attack Ops. Even if they say bad things about you first, just ignore them. You don’t have to be childish, too. It’s a good way to get banned. Might makes right!
  7. If you are using an FTP server of a user, stay in the channel. I have no idea why they enforce this rule, but do it anyways. They will catch you…eventually.
  8. Be friendly with everyone you meet and enjoy yourself!
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17 Jun 2011


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So far the best download manager for those who frequent web sites with direct download links to sites such as rapidshare or megaupload is JDownloader. It supports multiple OSs because it’s written in Java. With that being said, it runs slower than a native application written for OS X. It makes mass downloading simple, supports most of the online storage web sites, is currently being developed, and makes it extremely easy to transfer links from your web browser or other application. JDownloader is an essential tool for any serious file sharer! So why are you still sitting there? Go download and install it already…

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17 Jun 2011


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Oh, oh, Master said Midnight can do the review all by Midnight’s self! So be prepared to shower Midnight with lots and lots of praises and treats…especially treats!

At the request of the Eltima Software Company, Master tested their new Mac download/torrent manager called Folx. It’s shareware, but they also have a free version with some options disabled. The download manager works great, and the torrent feature is a pleasant addition. Master’s favorite feature is the search function in the paid version! Beats having to search the web for torrents. It looks like there might be future support for eDonkey links. That’s what Master is really looking forward to! Lots of great comics on the eDonkey network. So give Folx a try today if you’re a Mac user running 10.4 or above. Now, about my treats…


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