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29 Jul 2017


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 I had to cull quite a few links, most of them related to file sharing sites with direct links, but a few were dead scanlation groups that had finally lost their domain. It’s sad to see so many sites disappear, with hardly any taking their place. However, no worries in regards to Enchanting Media! We’ve…I’ve been around for over 17 years, and I see no reason to let the site die despite losing interest for the most part in file sharing now that I make enough money to buy what I want ;)


 Well, that will certainly date you >=]

 Anyway, file sharing still has its uses, especially for old stuff that will never be released on DVD…and apparently quite a bit of new stuff that’s just not popular enough to warrant a release.

Anyway, I’m trying to wrap up a project for Harunatsu Fansubs before I start working on my own projects again. That’s right folks! I’ve finally got life under control that I can actually begin working on luxury projects now =D

10 May 2017

New Position

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 Welp, I’ve gone and done it now! I was looking for the 2nd season of Asterisk, and somehow got pulled into being a temporary QC for Harunatsu Fansubs for Asterisk. I had no intentions of doing something like that, but it just happened. Apparently there is a lack of volunteers that have an excellent grasp of the English language willing to subject themselves to the utter horrors of reading subtitles and correcting them on the fly. I guess all those nightmarish years of studying advanced grammar in high school are actually going to pay off. So yes, this confirms all your sneaking suspicions that all of my projects are sitting on my desktop, staring me in the face, being ignored. I wonder what other surprises 2017 has in store for little ol me…

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7 Jul 2014

Demonoid is Back, Baby!

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coolsnoops-talk That’s right folks. After being down for more than a year, the administration sent out a notice the other day stating that they had come back from the dead. So head on over and start downloading all those sweet torrents that are impossible to find anywhere else!


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19 Dec 2013

TPB – Update

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coolsnoops-talk Wow, this is becoming a nightmare to track! The Pirate Bay moved their domain several times since my last posting. Essentially, the best way to find out where they’ve setup shop is to search google for The Pirate Bay. Usually the first few results will link to an article about their current domain. They’re back at

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12 Dec 2013

The Pirate Bay

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coolsnoops-talk TPB has once again been forced to change their URL. It is now:

I wonder how many domains are available until they run out of endings to switch to?

26 Sep 2012

Demonoid Down

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 Sigh, Demonoid is down once again, maybe permanently! They had a DDOS attack, and then the Ukraine government moved in for the kill. See, it’s not safe to host your servers in other countries, either (I won’t say I told you so).

 But Master, you just said it!

 Midnight, go eat your Scooby Snacks!

They’re blurring the lines of countries and prosecuting citizens using foreign laws that do not apply to them. I don’t care what lawyers say! Countries are sovereign, and they are tasked with the mission to protect their citizens from other governments. This has terrible implications if applied across the board. Expect war and rioting in the streets…oh wait, we already have that. Boy, everything is just going to pot! I have no idea what the future holds, especially with this “6 strikes” policy that’s going to be implemented by ISPs pretty soon.

What will happen is that eventually bit torrent will be abandoned because of too much hassle, and all the serious downloaders like me will revert BACK to IRC…as much as it pains me to say that (it’s a lot of work typing each file name to download). So start checking out IRC and learning where to get your fix, because the time is fast approaching when bit torrent will be dead…

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20 Aug 2012

BakaBT Down?!?

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 BakaBT isn’t really down, but has only changed their .com to .me. I just used that to get users’ attention doing searches on google…

 Too bad they didn’t reset Master’s terrible sharing ratio during the change…

 Midnight, shhhhhhh!

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8 Apr 2012

Loli Grew Up

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 Nooo, Loli grew up T_T 

The DDL site lolipower has shut down because all their servers are gone. Another DDL site bites the dust…

 Happy Easter to all of Midnight’s secret admirers!

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27 Feb 2012

Scanlation & Watermarks

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 Watermarks appear to be gaining popularity among scanlation groups with the rise of web sites dedicated to distributing manga. Now there’s nothing wrong with watermarks in and of themselves, but it’s where some groups are beginning to place their watermarks that is causing consternation. You don’t place a watermark smack dab in the middle of an image, especially if it detracts, distracts, or obscures! Watermarks should be placed near the bottom or top of the page outside of the art. But to be obstinate in watermarking in some crusade to try and control how your labour of love is distributed is ludicrous. My question to scanlation groups then would be why are they scanlating? Their goal should be to get out the title their working on to as many users as possible to create an awareness of said title among the populace. If it’s to get a pat on the back, then might I suggest you create a real company and license the title and legally release it. It’s gotten so ridiculous lately! Bottom line, people don’t care who scanlates the title as long as they can read it, provided that there’s not some annoying watermark right in the middle of an important spot on the page. Scanlation groups should refrain from this silly watermarking business! You can rest assured that Cool Snoops’ Scanlation Group will not engage in this petty business…

 Midnight thinks it would be a splendid idea to use Midnight’s face as our new watermark so that everyone can remember to praise and give Scooby Snacks to Midnight! We’ll put it right smack in the middle of the…uh oh, time to go!

 When I get my hands on that mutt… grumble mutter mutter

21 Feb 2012

The Pirate Bay & Demonoid

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 I don’t know what’s going on, but The Pirate Bay is all screwed up! It looks like they might be trying to update their web site theme or something, but it was broken and slower than molasses when I tried to access it this evening. The good news is, though, that because of that, I checked out Demonoid. Looks as though they finally got all the bugs worked out after their server upgrade/move. I can actually log in to my account once again! Thankfully I was able to find my torrents there, so I recommend Demonoid until The Pirate Bay fixes their web site…

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