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29 Jul 2017


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 I had to cull quite a few links, most of them related to file sharing sites with direct links, but a few were dead scanlation groups that had finally lost their domain. It’s sad to see so many sites disappear, with hardly any taking their place. However, no worries in regards to Enchanting Media! We’ve…I’ve been around for over 17 years, and I see no reason to let the site die despite losing interest for the most part in file sharing now that I make enough money to buy what I want ;)


 Well, that will certainly date you >=]

 Anyway, file sharing still has its uses, especially for old stuff that will never be released on DVD…and apparently quite a bit of new stuff that’s just not popular enough to warrant a release.

Anyway, I’m trying to wrap up a project for Harunatsu Fansubs before I start working on my own projects again. That’s right folks! I’ve finally got life under control that I can actually begin working on luxury projects now =D

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18 Jul 2015

Translator Found!

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coolsnoops-talk We are alive AND kicking once again! We’ve always been alive, just not much kicking =P
I found a translator that actually wants my money! Fancy that…

leaf-talk1 Heh, I guess the economy really has finally hit rock bottom…

coolsnoops-talk Ahem, anyways, his identity is a secret least you try and steal him away from us…

midnight-talk But Master, you put his name in the credits text that you inclu…

coolsnoops-talk Ahhh, look Midnight! I think I saw the Easter Bunny go that way…

midnight-talk Oh, oh, Midnight will definitely catch that rascal this time if it’s the last thing Midnight does! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK!

coolsnoops-talk Sorry about that. You’ll have to excuse her language. Midnight tends to get overly excited when chasing things. Anyway, I was able to get a couple of pages in a doujinshi that had Nuku Nuku in them translated as a test to see how things worked out. I’m very happy, to say the least! I’ll be posting it here shortly in the next few days. Expect activity once again from our group…although I’m sorry to say the Nuku Nuku manga is still on hold as I find time to work on it. The difference is that the translator is translating and editing, while Nuku Nuku is already translated but not edited. So I’m still stuck editing it. I’m not ready to pay someone just yet to edit for me =S

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21 Apr 2013

Next Nuku Nuku Chapter

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coolsnoops-talk I’m working on finishing up chapter 5 of Nuku Nuku. It’s turning out to be a lot more time consuming than I had originally anticipated. Fixing the levels is the easy part. It’s all the editing I have to do to clean it up. It takes a couple of hours to do just one page. So I’ll get it done eventually, no worries. I’ll go back and clean up chapters 3-4 when I’m ready to release a complete volume…hopefully sometime this year!

midnight-talk And then Master can spend lots and lots and lots of time playing with Midnight!!! SQUEALS WITH DELIGHT

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17 Apr 2013

Ninja High School Volume 12

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page 000

Title: The Collected Ninja High School Volume 12 Enter: The Y-Men

Status: released 4/2013

Comments: I also found this gem at our local library around the same time I found the 2nd volume collecting dust and decided to scan it since Ninja High School isn’t as freely available on the web to read like some other titles. This also took me 6 years from the time I scanned it to clean it up and release it. That’s all the Ninja High School large print books that my library has (12 volumes total for large print collection). The rest are the censored/edited pocket versions. I refuse to mess up my comic book collection to scan the issues that are missing! That’s a project for Ben Dunn or someone with money to burn…

After cleaning this volume up, I’ve decided to go back and clean up the past releases that I’ve done. I got mad when I read a review that said I did low quality work. My retort is that they can go buy the book(s) and pay for the translator if they’re not happy! This isn’t a cheap hobby. Bunch of ingrates…

Ninja High School Volume 12 (37MB)


16 Apr 2013

Gold Digger Awesomeness

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coolsnoops-talk I just learned that Fred Perry has a temporary FREE PDF library of all the GD issues of the main series #1-199!!! No more need to scour the net looking for scans of issues for those who don’t buy the comic books. And here’s an interesting tip, those books that collect and reprint the comic book issues are censored…Ninja High School is the same. So grab them while you can!!!

midnight-talk Ooooo, Midnight especially enjoys all the beefcakes from Jade! DROOLS

coolsnoops-talk Wher, wher, where did you learn to talk like that, young lady!?! I’ll have to be more diligent about the comics you read…

Anyway, while I’m sick once again (yesh, unfortunately), I’ve been working on finishing up Ninja High School #12 collection. It’ll be available either later this evening or tomorrow. I figured that would be less taxing than attempting to finish a chapter of Nuku Nuku. But I’ll work on that too when I’m feeling up to the task…

4 Jan 2013

Ninja High School Volume 02

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page 00

Title: Beware of Dog A Ninja High School Graphic Album Volume 02

Status: released 1/2013

Comments: I found this gem at our local library collecting dust and decided to scan it since Ninja High School isn’t as freely available on the web to read like some other titles. It only took me 6 years from the time I scanned it to clean it up and release it =)
I have volume 12 on my to do list next…

Ninja High School Volume 02 (15MB)


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1 Jan 2013

Happy New Year!

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coolsnoops-talk Happy New Year from me…

midnight-talk and Midnight!

coolsnoops-talk I did some end of year cleaning, checking to see what’s been licensed etc. So, it is with mixed feeling that I must remove the rest of the seasons of Jackie-chan Adventures, the first Winx Club movie, and Project G.e.e.K.e.R (on the bright side, this stuff is becoming easier to buy in high quality). These are available via iTunes, if not DVD, too. I try and run a tight ship after my run in with GoDaddy. Manga/comics not so much because they don’t take up a lot of space and no one really seems to care about books these days.

So maybe I’ll try and whip out another Nuku Nuku chapter now that it’s a new year and I’m sick. I’m sure I can pry myself away from watching cartoon goodness 24/7 to do 10 pages ^_^’

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6 Aug 2012

Monster High

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 Hmm, it’s certainly been a while since my last post…

 Midnight feels so neglected! POUTS

 Hey, cut me some slack! I’m busy with real life and all that good stuff. Anyway, the other day I was wandering the aisles of Walmart…

 Oh, Master has time to wander around in Walmart, but not for Master’s beloved Midnight?!?

 Heh, heh, Midnight, don’t you have a bone to bury or something? Anyway, as I was saying, as I was wandering down the aisles that were selling school supplies, I kept noticing merchandise with Monster High written on them. So, being out of the loop when it comes to the latest cartoons being released, I went home and googled it. Sure enough, it was a cartoon series that I had somehow missed! Although it is strictly web based for the moment. I was able to find their web site:
and they have all the episodes posted for free! How cool is that? I like free stuff, don’t you? So obviously I immediately watched them all! I really like the humor and cute ghouls, although their public service episodes are sometimes grating. But they usually are anyway. I especially like the custom theme song that’s actually about the cartoon, just like the good ol days. Sigh…

So get your keester over there and start watching! Maybe if there’s enough interest, they’ll release a TV series…maybe.

Oh, and I’ll try to release the next chapter of Nuku Nuku Saturday…

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13 Feb 2012

Generator Rex & Stuff

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 If you’ve stopped following Generator Rex because you thought it was getting boring and repetitive, well, start watching it again! With the latest episode 13 of season 3, there’s actually a plot leading up to what I hope is an awesome finale. I know that I’m certainly hooked! I also love the background music that they’ve started using, especially for the fight scenes. High quality stuff you’d expect from a Disney, Marvel, or DC production, unlike the opening theme [shivers]. You can find all the torrents on The Pirate Bay. Remember, we only host stuff you can’t find on bit torrent or IRC…

This post is actually to let everyone know that I haven’t abandoned Enchanting Media. Everything has pretty well taken a back seat to life as things get a little hairy. I’ll work on the Nuku Nuku manga as I get the chance. But I wouldn’t count on anything new being added to the site. Truthfully, I’m technically still a little hesitant after the whole fiasco with GoDaddy about hosting files. Well, let’s shoot for another Nuku Nuku chapter being released before the end of February. Hey, I like missing deadlines =P
That also means, sadly, that there will be no Valentine’s Day cartoon this year…

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30 Dec 2011

Getting Closer

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 …to a new Nuku Nuku chapter release! I figure that if I continue to edit 5 pages a day, then I should be able to release chapter 5 before the new year. Isn’t that exciting? Anyways, just wanted to give everyone a heads up that yes, I am indeed editing. It just drives me nuts trying to decide what text to place in balloons because it either won’t fit or doesn’t flow in English. Sometimes it doesn’t even make any sense. So that’s why it’s taking so long. I shudder to think of the difficulty I’ll encounter in editing the last volume of Lost Universe with all of it’s technical space terms… SIGH

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