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31 Jul 2013

AnimeSuki Torrentless?!

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coolsnoops-talk That’s right folks. A perfectly good torrent site for unlicensed anime has been ruined! They have removed most of the links to torrents, or are still in the process of doing so. All that leaves is a forum. Big whoop. These guys are nuts! Ruining these great sites that have been around and established for a couple of years now. Suffice it to say, I’m removing their link…

midnight-talk Oh, oh, pretty soon Master will have lots of time to spend with poor, neglected Midnight, because there won’t be any torrent sites left to browse!

leaf-talk1 Hey, then maybe he can tend to my crop of dandelions while I’m at tea next month…

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28 Jul 2013

Is Manga Jouhou/Manganews Dead?

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coolsnoops-talk Manga Jouhou, or has been hacked, which I consider being down. It used to be a popular site before Baka-Updates came along. More recently, however, activity has been nominal, which is unfortunate because they catered to a different part of the scanlation community than Baka-Updates does. Plus, after 2 excruciating long years of waiting, my posting account was finally approved (sigh). Hopefully this is only a temporary setback, and not permanent. So until they fix the hack, I’m temporarily removing their link…

midnight-talk Not that anyone really cares about what Master thinks or does…

coolsnoops-talk La la la, I can’t hear you…sticks and stones blah blah blah…

leaf-talk1 Sigh, please bear with us as we navigate these rough, difficult times…

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21 Apr 2013

Next Nuku Nuku Chapter

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coolsnoops-talk I’m working on finishing up chapter 5 of Nuku Nuku. It’s turning out to be a lot more time consuming than I had originally anticipated. Fixing the levels is the easy part. It’s all the editing I have to do to clean it up. It takes a couple of hours to do just one page. So I’ll get it done eventually, no worries. I’ll go back and clean up chapters 3-4 when I’m ready to release a complete volume…hopefully sometime this year!

midnight-talk And then Master can spend lots and lots and lots of time playing with Midnight!!! SQUEALS WITH DELIGHT

16 Apr 2013

Gold Digger Awesomeness

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coolsnoops-talk I just learned that Fred Perry has a temporary FREE PDF library of all the GD issues of the main series #1-199!!! No more need to scour the net looking for scans of issues for those who don’t buy the comic books. And here’s an interesting tip, those books that collect and reprint the comic book issues are censored…Ninja High School is the same. So grab them while you can!!!

midnight-talk Ooooo, Midnight especially enjoys all the beefcakes from Jade! DROOLS

coolsnoops-talk Wher, wher, where did you learn to talk like that, young lady!?! I’ll have to be more diligent about the comics you read…

Anyway, while I’m sick once again (yesh, unfortunately), I’ve been working on finishing up Ninja High School #12 collection. It’ll be available either later this evening or tomorrow. I figured that would be less taxing than attempting to finish a chapter of Nuku Nuku. But I’ll work on that too when I’m feeling up to the task…

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13 Feb 2013

Contact Form Disabled

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midnight-talk Teehee, Midnight wanted to let everyone know that Midnight “fixed” the contact form because pesky spam bots are taking up aaaall of Master’s time that he could be spending with Midnight…

coolsnoops-talk And for those who really need to contact me, you can email me at…
OK, Midnight, go fetch the boomerang!

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1 Jan 2013

Happy New Year!

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coolsnoops-talk Happy New Year from me…

midnight-talk and Midnight!

coolsnoops-talk I did some end of year cleaning, checking to see what’s been licensed etc. So, it is with mixed feeling that I must remove the rest of the seasons of Jackie-chan Adventures, the first Winx Club movie, and Project G.e.e.K.e.R (on the bright side, this stuff is becoming easier to buy in high quality). These are available via iTunes, if not DVD, too. I try and run a tight ship after my run in with GoDaddy. Manga/comics not so much because they don’t take up a lot of space and no one really seems to care about books these days.

So maybe I’ll try and whip out another Nuku Nuku chapter now that it’s a new year and I’m sick. I’m sure I can pry myself away from watching cartoon goodness 24/7 to do 10 pages ^_^’

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14 Dec 2012


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coolsnoops-talk Well, it’s Christmas once again. Enchanting Media has fallen to the bottom of the totem pole of life. But I did remember to activate the snow plugin before the 24th =)

Nothing to report. I’m too busy with deadlines in real life to devote any time here. Maybe after the new year I can work on my scanlation projects again…

midnight-talk Midnight wishes everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year, and hopes you won’t forget to drop off some Scooby snacks for lil ol me!

coolsnoops-talk Sigh…

26 Sep 2012

Demonoid Down

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 Sigh, Demonoid is down once again, maybe permanently! They had a DDOS attack, and then the Ukraine government moved in for the kill. See, it’s not safe to host your servers in other countries, either (I won’t say I told you so).

 But Master, you just said it!

 Midnight, go eat your Scooby Snacks!

They’re blurring the lines of countries and prosecuting citizens using foreign laws that do not apply to them. I don’t care what lawyers say! Countries are sovereign, and they are tasked with the mission to protect their citizens from other governments. This has terrible implications if applied across the board. Expect war and rioting in the streets…oh wait, we already have that. Boy, everything is just going to pot! I have no idea what the future holds, especially with this “6 strikes” policy that’s going to be implemented by ISPs pretty soon.

What will happen is that eventually bit torrent will be abandoned because of too much hassle, and all the serious downloaders like me will revert BACK to IRC…as much as it pains me to say that (it’s a lot of work typing each file name to download). So start checking out IRC and learning where to get your fix, because the time is fast approaching when bit torrent will be dead…

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20 Aug 2012

BakaBT Down?!?

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 BakaBT isn’t really down, but has only changed their .com to .me. I just used that to get users’ attention doing searches on google…

 Too bad they didn’t reset Master’s terrible sharing ratio during the change…

 Midnight, shhhhhhh!

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6 Aug 2012

Code Lyoko

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 Well, it took me a while, but I finally finished watching Code Lyoko…all 95 episodes! You know, it’s not easy forcing yourself to sit through and watch 95 episodes of anything. At least it had a plot that they finished. I hate it when they leave you hanging, like with the Silver Surfer or The Avengers (1999). I hear that a new season is in the works, however it will be live action, not animated. I wasn’t all that impressed with the trailer. We all know foreign acting is pretty bad, plus they would have to change the back story because Xana was destroyed in the animated series. Ho hum…now I guess I’ll work on watching the last season of Winx Club. It’s just that the English dub was so much better than what was released by Rainbow S.r.l, plus it looks like they tweaked the animation or something. It just seems to be a bit off…

 Good, then Master can spend more time with Midnight instead!

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